Sunday, 8 February 2015

I feel I have abandoned you...

I have just checked and it was Wednesday since I last blogged!

The reason is this... I have made the decision to sort out the Shed.  It is a mammoth task and I really have to get myself in the 'zone' to go out there and sort stuff, it is so much easier to shut the door on it all.

But, the time has come to make some space.  Since our bead shop closed a few years ago, this stuff has just sat there, doing nothing, except taking up space.  I have sold the odd bit off my website, but I felt now was the time to empty it out and make space for something new.

It will take ages!

And I really do mean ages.  You can hardly move in there.  Even the smallest of boxes is taking a good few hours to sort, photograph and put up for sale, so I think the task ahead of me is a long term one  :)

I have started a Facebook group - BEAD SHOP SELL-OFF - please do pop along if beads, findings and jewellery making equipment interests you.

I will hold items until the end of each month so you can make the most out of postage, all you have to do is comment on the photo you fancy and it will be reserved for you.

I will be back to blogging proper again soon, I promise  :)

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