Friday, 27 February 2015

Teen Stitchers Course at Hobbycraft

Over the last four weeks I have taken a "Teen Stitchers" course at Hobbycraft in Carlisle.

I had 6 young ladies attend, from age 8 to 14 years old.

The aim of the course was to find some kind of sewing technique that they would find interesting and perhaps carry on with as a hobby later on.  So each week we tackled something different.

Week one was Cross-Stitch.   I spend a whole afternoon designing them a Cross-Stitch initial each, then ended up leaving all the print outs on my printer at home - stupid me!   Luckily I had some butterfly kits with me that I designed ages ago, so after a little bit of practise on some #6 count Aida, we made a start on those.

They learnt how to cross-stitch, back stitch and follow a symbol chart.  They all did very well too, their "homework" was to try and get them finished by the end of the four weeks, and if they did I would frame their work for them as a gift  :)

The second week was hand sewing - finishing off, adding adornments and sewing on buttons.

They all made themselves a cardboard template of a heart, which they then cut out of their choice of fabric. I quickly sewed up the seams on the sewing machine for them, they they got to turn it right way in, stuff it (adding lavender if they cared to) and decorated it with buttons, beads, ribbons etc...

What a great job they all did!  And the shop smelt gorgeous with all that lavender wafting around.
Aren't these hearts just fabulous?  I was so impressed by their skills at hand-sewing.

Week three was Patchwork.

They all seemed to really like this one, with most producing a flower, some of them are ending there at that flower and we will appliqué it to a bag, but some will carry on and make it bigger they say  :)

The final week we got out the sewing machines.   The girls all learned how to thread the machines up and wind a bobbin.  Also change the needle and the presser foots, and had a play with stitch patterns on a scrap of material before going on to make something.

They all decided to add some applique bits to a ready made tote bag.  A couple had brought back their patchwork from the previous week, so they added that to their bags.

They did such a great job, all of them, and I will miss them all.  I do hope they carry on sewing and make beautiful things.

Matilda had to go on time (we ran over a little) so here is her bag.

Then there is:  Leanne, Hannah, Erin, Jessica, Robyn and Cherry.

Didn't they all do great?

Oh, and the cross-stitch initials I forgot in the first week, I did finally remember and made them a little pack up, with a certificate for doing so well  :)

I am thinking up something similar to put on in the summer holidays, so watch this space.


  1. well done Sue, I am sure you will have inspired them to carry on

    1. I hope so Tricia, they all seemed to enjoy it.


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