Sunday, 22 February 2015

My first attempt at Flower Arranging

"Have you ever done flower arranging", I was asked while working in Hobbycraft.  "No, but I will have a go" I replied.

And so I did.

Now please, flower arrangers, do bear in mind that this was my very first attempt, I have never done it before, I was not sure what I even should be doing, so this is done my way  :)

First I took a basket.

Then cut down a block of  'Artificial Flower Oasis' to fit.  (I worked out which one to use as they were artificial flowers and it said that on the packet  ;)  )

I then started chopping up the stems of some artificial flowers that I had carefully chosen thinking they would look nice bunched together. 

First flower in.   Do we need any more than that?  I actually think that looks quite cute.

But I continued on, adding a bit here and a bit there.

They actually have some really nice artificial flowers in Hobbycraft once you start looking at them.

And so with a bit of this, a bit of that and a touch of the other, my creation was finished!

I guess I was pretty pleased with it as a first attempt, and not really knowing the rules of flower arranging.

It cost £26.33 to make, including all the flowers, oasis and basket - and it is actually on sale as it is in the Hobbycraft Carlisle store right now - but there is only, and only ever will be, one of them  :)

If you look at it from this angel do you see a little flowery person staring back?




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