Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The Weekend Box - Review

About a year ago I did a review for a "Weekend Box", you can find it HERE if you like.

Well the nice people over at The Weekend Box Club website sent me another box to review for them.

They are a joy to get through your letterbox as the box is so colourful, bright and you just want to rip it right open.

Inside the box is a selection of coloured bags, a different bag for each activity.  Beautifully packaged.

Like last time I asked my friend with the help of her Granddaughter, Ava, to review it for me, as my little Granddaughter Hope is not yet old enough to play with crafty things  :)

Here is her honest review of the box, as tested by Lezley and Ava (age very nearly 4).

Ava chose the coaster to make first she needed adult help to cut the foam but then enjoyed peeling off the backing and sticking it onto the card. Ava made two coasters from the resources included in the pack. The activity lasted around 30-45 mins.
Ava did enjoy this activity.

Ava loved making the parrot but didn't want to paint the tube but wanted to use the glue again so we used the coloured paper to cover the tube. This activity was easy for Ava to do and she carefully choose what colour feathers she wanted where on the parrot.

The prints were more difficult as it needed an adult to cut the string as Ava chose the sun shape as her print.  She lost concentration waiting for the glue to dry on the print before using it but then enjoyed dipping it in the paint and making pictures of the sun. Maybe a little more string would have been useful to make another design but we cut a potato up and made potato prints with the left over paint.

All in all Ava does enjoy the box activities and likes to stick her well earned stickers onto the instruction cards.
We haven't yet made the hot chocolate that was also made of this pack.

Thank you Lezley and Ava for testing that box for me. If you fancy trying a box for yourself, I have been given a code for new customers to try their first weekend box for FREE!

The code is SUE149 , do let me know if you have a go and what you think of it.

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