Thursday, 26 February 2015

Sirdar Bubbly Booties

Aren't these booties so gorgeously cute?   All bubbly and cosy looking, and cute.   Did I mention cute?

The Sirdar Bubbly yarn came into Hobbcraft a couple of weeks ago and I love it, and had to have some, so when I saw this pattern for little cutie booties I knew just the person to make some for.

I got to work, doing the cuffs with a white yarn with a glitter running through it for some sparkle.  Little girls need to sparkle you know.

Then onto the 'bubbly' part.  Some textured yarns can be a bit of a pig to work with, but this was fine.

Bootie number two soon popped off my knitting needles.

Then I thought I better make her some pink ones too  :)

A slightly darker pink cuff, but the bubbly bit is pink too.

Sadly, even though I did the 0-6 month size and Hope is only 4 months, they don't fit her fat little feet!!

Back to the needles then  :)

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