Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Nancy's Waves Crochet Scarf

The theme for February's Crochet & Craic  (a crochet group at Hobbycraft, Carlisle) is Scarves.

The rules are you either:
  • Have to use a hook size you have never used before.
  • Have to choose and work in a yarn you have never used before
  • Have to find a stitch you have never attempted before.
So I quickly bashed up a few samples from free patterns I discovered on Google.

One I found was a gorgeous pattern called Nancy's Waves - you can find it HERE if you would like a go yourself.

I made a start with a gorgeous W.I yarn called Soft & Silky.  It is a 4ply, but quite a thick 4ply in my opinion, bordering on DK.  This colour way is Lilac Mix.

When I got a little way in I thought the 'waves' might be better shown off with different colours, so I swapped - still using the W.I soft & silky, these colours are Slate, Lime and Turquoise.  You can find them on the Hobbycraft website by clicking on the links.

I think it looks so much better with the colour.  I used the bright ones to form the waves and the slate grey to separate them.

It actually also looks really good in solid colours - a couple of ladies made them at the C&C group, one in glittery purple and the other in a shimmery dark purple, both looked equally gorgeous.

It is a 4 line pattern - well 3 really, as the 4th line is just the 2nd line but staggered - so it is quite easy to get to grips with.

Let me know if you give it a go  :)  Of if you fancy joining us at C&C, the next one is Mon 16th, 5.30-7.30pm.  £5.00, bring your hook and yarn  :)

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