Friday, 5 February 2021

Some tiny little Cross-Stitches.

I am starting to tick of some of the items I had on my list to pop into my mini shed.

  • ·       To design and build a mini shed – about 2’ cubed with a removable roof. To sit on a piece of wood for a garden. 
  • ·       Hinged Door with sign to let people know what is happening within The Shed.
  • ·       Crochet and knitted blankets (yarn crafts)
  • ·       Carpet for the floor (rag rug)
  • ·       Wall decorations (cross stitch and quilted panel)


The next one on the list was to make some wall decorations. 

I found some really small embroidery frames in my ‘oddments’ box which I thought would be perfect to make little wall hangings for the mini shed.

Online I found a free chart to do letters which would be the correct size to fit into the frames – I had some Aida (cross-stitch fabric) which was 14 count.  This means there are 14 holes to the inch, so I knew I had about 10 holes height wise to use as the stitching part.

I got to work, using the letters C A L and M – to spell out Calm.  I planned to put a single letter in each frame and hang them together so the word was readable.

I used a variegated cotton thread, but because it was a small design the colour didn’t actually change that much at all.

I had also found a very slightly larger frame, so I decided I would use that too and do a little flower.

Once they were finished stitching, I was ready to pop them into the frames.

I cut the fabric a little larger than the wooden back discs and glued them into place so they wouldn’t move as I manipulated them into the little frames.

Then it was time to stick the backs on.  With my trusty wood glue, which seems to be my new best glue ever, and a clamp to hold it while it stuck.  I stuck a bit of fabric inbetween the clamp and the work so not to risk marking it.

Once they were all set – which I had to do in stages as I only had two clamps – they were ready to display and hang.

These little cross-stitch samples took about 3 hours to make. So this project is now up to 35 hours!

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