Saturday, 13 February 2021

Starting my Metamorphosis uni project.


I have started to prepare my glass to put into the kiln to become my offering for the Metamorphosis assignment.

I planned to do five piece of glass in total, all of which would nestle together as one piece forming a blooming flower, but would also work as individual pieces too.  

Piece number one is going to be really quite simple, I wanted it completely clear and flat, so all I had to do with that was cut the glass and lay it in the kiln.  I am holding back on firing that piece as there isn't enough room in my kiln but also I may have to re-fire some of the other pieces if they don't work out as planned.

Piece number two was the same kind of glass as piece number one, but this time with a little bit of frit to change the colour.

Frit is basically broken up glass in various grades, from chunky to really quite fine, like salt.

The frit I used in this piece was called Red Apple and was like the constancy of granulated sugar.   I piled it all into the centre of the glass and simply pushed it about with my fingers.  I really liked the effect and was interested to see how that would turn out, so I left it like that.

Piece number three was the same clear glass but this time with pieces of stringer laid upon it. I used black, red and a brownish shade.  Some are a transparent glass and some are opaque.

Piece number four is a risk!  This is Striker glass, which means it changes colour in the kiln once fired, so I am not too sure what colour it will turn out as.  Let's hope its a good colour to tie my work together, otherwise I will be back to the drawing board for that piece.

And piece number five is a small piece of opaque red, this will form the centre of my blooming flower dish.

And now all I can do is close the lid, set the kiln schedule and keep my fingers crossed that the Kiln Gods do their thing!

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