Monday, 15 February 2021

Slumped Glass for my Metamorphosis project.

  I opened the kiln this morning to find some rather pleasing pieces of slumped glass.

They had all worked as I expected..... as one off pieces.

However, on putting them together (as I had originally planned) I found that one piece didn't work at all.... however, three pieces fit together so it was a great starting point.

I think it fits the brief - using two opposite words and showing the metamorphosis between,

I actually chose two sets of words to work opposite to each other. One was 'Clear to Opaque' and the other was 'Bud to Bloom'  So far it seems to work.

This piece (below) I shall put back into the kiln to re-fire. Although I have never had much success with re-firing work as it doesn't slump in the desired way.... glass has a habit of doing it's own thing sometimes.

So, I now have three pieces of my five needed for my metamorphosis assignment.  Just need to work on two more   :)

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