Sunday, 14 February 2021

Trusting in the Kiln Gods

Waiting all night for a kiln firing... then bracing yourself to open the lid, has to be one of the hardest things to do when working with glass.   You just never know if your project has worked or not.  It is very much a 'fingers crossed' kind of moment.

So this is what I left in trust the night before, and happily it all fused down nicely.   It looks pretty much the same except for nice rounded edges and the coloured parts are all melted in.

So I can now breath a sigh of relief that the first firing is over, and I now have to trust my kiln gods again for the second firing.

I am totally self taught when it comes to fused glass kiln work, everything I know has come from making a mistake beforehand, or remembering how to do it when it has been a lucky accident.

Getting the glass nice and flat with rounded edges like this is called 'Fusing'. I now want to put some shape into the pieces by laying them on top of kiln safe vessels so they can melt and drape over them.  this is called 'Slumping' and the temperature of the kiln doesn't get quite as hot as a fuse.

I chose my shapes from a good collection that I have amassed over the years. You can get proper kiln furniture for this (like the square piece in the photo), but I have found that stainless steel pots and cups work really well.  

I gave my fused pieces a dust and positioned them all back in the kiln, balancing precariously on their vessels.  

 I also use kiln paper - I know most kiln artist use kiln or batt-wash, but I have found the paper easier  (albeit a more expensive method)

Now it is time for the lid to close and another night of waiting!   (and a quick prayer to the Kiln Gods)

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