Thursday, 10 October 2013

Beaded Bead Tutorial

These cute little monkeys are fun to do and can look very effective.

You will need:
  • x 12mm bead
  • Beading Thread & Needle
  • 60 Sz 15 Seed Beads
  • 40 Sz 11 Seed Beads
  • 10 Sz 8 Hex Beads
What you do:
  • Anchor a bead onto the end of your thread by sewing into it two or three times.

  • Thread onto your thread the following beads (leaving a 4” tail)

·         1 x sz 15   /     1 x sz 11   /       1 x sz 15   /      1 x sz 11   /    1 x z 15  /     1 x hex   /     1 x sz 15  /     1 x sz 11   /     1 x sz 15   /      1 x sz 11   /   1 x sz 15

  • Pass your needle back through the beads BUT you must miss out the first bead and the last one.

  • Pass your needle BACKWARDS through the top bead so it sits sideways on top of the beads you have just threaded

  • String on another lot of beads the same as in Step 2, and pass your thread back through again missing the two end beads.

  • Again, as in Step 4, pass your needle BACKWARDS through the last bead.  Now the two strings should sit side-by-side.

  • Continue this pattern until you have 9 beaded dangles.

  • Holding the strip tightly pass the needle back into the first bead and pull up tight to form a loop.  

  • Run through the circle with your thread two or three times to strengthen.

  • Pass your needle down through one of the dangles.

  • Pick up each end bead, being extra careful to pick them up in order and pull together, at the same time slip the 12mm bead in before you pull tight.

  • Take your needle round the hoop two or three times to strengthen as before, doing a couple of half-hitch-knots to secure.

  • Your beaded bead is now complete.

  • You can add a head pin and make a stem for earrings or you can simply thread them into a design.

© S Simmons,
The Bead Shed, 2007

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