Monday, 21 October 2013

Crochet Event, Morecambe.

Sunday saw us hop, skip and jumping down the M6 motorway towards Morecambe.  Well, actually, Hubster drove, we didn't hop, skip and jump at all.

I was heading to a Crochet event at The Platform in Morecambe.  It was organised by Pauline Turner the lady behind the International Diploma in Crochet that I am doing.

It's only an hour and 15 away from home, but it was a horribly rainy day - good old Cumbrian weather.

We got to The Platform and lucky for us there was a parking space right outside  :)

Unlucky for us, there was a notice on the door saying they had moved venues!  

Some robbing git had stolen the lead from the roof of the building and it had leaked!

A mile and a half down the road we found the hotel, and thankfully, another free parking spot.

Inside we go, free entry - which is great, more money for bits & bobs.

There was loads of crochet samples and things to look at, the organisers had done well to move the whole exhibition in very little time.

There wasn't much shopping to be done sadly, just one tool stall and a couple of yarn stalls, so I didn't spend many of my pennies at all.  I did buy a frame to learn to do hairpin crochet though.

We wandered around a couple of times, then left to have a pootle about Morecambe. But it was miserable weather - these brightly coloured flowers in a row was a stark contrast to the grey, growly sea.

We went back to The Platform where behind it is a Fayre & Square pub.  They do the most yummy veggie toad-in-the-hole.  Extra gravy, coz I'm a proper Northern girl!

After a wander around the covered market, where I did spend some pennies on yarn and fabric, we drove all the way back up the M6 in the piddling rain, homeward bound.


  1. that toad-in-the-hole looks worth the trip :)

  2. MMM veggie toad in the hole - yummy :-)

    I had a passing notion of getting to this, but decided that a 6-7 hour round trip wasn't really on!


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