Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Zentangling in my new sketchbook

On recommendation from a colleague and friend, I bought a new sketchbook to do some Zentangling in.  Of course I had to have new pens too, and 3 new balls of yarn coz that's the law.  Every purchase made has to contain yarn of some sort.  You know that right?

I did a Zentangle class in Hobbycraft last week, and thought it was about time I did a proper little sketchbook to take to classes with  me rather than bits of paper and scribbled patterns.  I might make me look a bit more professional  (I might even start wearing suits and power dressing yet..... on second thoughts, I will stick with my tie-dye and frayed hem jeans).

I had printed off some free Zentangle patterns from the interweb, but thought it would be nice to have them in this card format, so I just ordered these.

They were supposed to plop onto my doorstep by Saturday, and I have had notification of their dispatch, but no sign of them to date.  So last night I went back to my old printed off patterns and had a play in my new book.

Patterns I used was Knightsbridge (the checkerboard)  Printemps (spirals) Waves (the wavy grid thing) Eddies (the spermy looking things) and Hairy  (the leafy looking thing in the top right).  The cheeky little flower is not an official Zentangle pattern.

Do you tangle?

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