Sunday, 20 October 2013

DMC urban glam 'Rebel' yarn.

When I was in Cornwall a few months ago, I popped into a lovely little yarn shop, as you do, and got browsing through the yummy selection of yarns.

I spotted a DMC one, called Urban Glam Rebel - available in a few colours, I bought a ball of pale dusky pinky shades.

I  only bought one ball as I didn't have a plan for what to make with it, I thought if I was to make something large I could probably send down for some more.

But yesterday, the cat was sitting on my project box and I couldn't get in - you are not allowed to move a cat in this house - so I had to do something else.  I spotted the DMC yarn on my desk and decided to make an infinite scarf with it.

So far so good, until I came to the first texture change - what's this I see?  A knot!  Ok, I have come across knots in yarn before - most annoying, but it happens.   I give the yarn a little tug and the knot comes apart.  Well, that would have been good if I had just worked over it, my scarf would have fell apart in time.  So I re-knot the yarn and off I go.  Of course, now I have ends to sew in, which isn't ideal in this design as it is a large stitch effect, but as it's different textures all over the place it probably wont show too much.

A few meters down, another crappy knot - crappy in the sense that it is just not tied very tightly and comes apart at the slightest pull.  Then another, and another...... and so it continues with each texture change.

The knots are not only not very tight, but they have also been clipped so the yarn ends are right beside the knot, this is why they come apart as easily as they do.

All in all the quality is pants, the yarn isn't half as nice as it looked on the ball - and it wasn't cheap you know, somewhere around the £6/£7 a ball mark if I remember correctly.   I read a blurb on one website that says it is "knotted by hand to create an interesting patchwork effect".  Whoever knotted it wants to learn how to tie a proper knot.

The yarn does work up quite nicely to be honest, it's just a pity it's not properly joined.

If you fancy the "patchwork effect" of this yarn, do yourself a favour and go buy a few balls of various different textures and knot them together yourself.  :)

ps:  I can't show you what I made from it as it's a Christmas pressie  :)  Will show you all in the New Year.


  1. Have tweeted this ... interesting review.
    It looks such a lovely yarn in the ball, probably something i'd pick up too if I saw it.

    Thanks for the review

  2. Shocking quality - so many things are these days

  3. I have to admit, I was disappointed as it looked so gorgeous. SO glad I only bought one ball.


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