Thursday, 31 October 2013

The price of a Ripple Blanket

You remember the Ripple Blanket I have just finished for Shona, my daughter?  Well, it really was a labour of love.   And love is free, right?

So, out of interest, I thought I would price it up - and what a shock I got.

Here are the stats:

Yarn used:
1020g of Hayfield Bonus DK costing £2.00 per 100g, this would make 11 balls worth £22.00 if done in a single colour.  But I actually bought 12 balls in total on a 3 for 2 offer, so paid £18

Time spent:
There are 35 colour segments,  each segment has 4 rows of colour, that makes a total of 140 rows.
Each row took 20 minutes to complete making a total of 2800 minutes, which is roughly about 47 hours.

The edging took 80 minutes per round and there are three rounds, totalling 240 minutes, or 6 hours.  Added to the main total this makes a new total of 53 hours.

Then there was the sewing in off all those ends.  That took 3 hours in total.  (and a blister)  Added to the main total, this makes a new total of 56 hours.

If I was to use the UK's minimum wage of £6.31 this would mean that this blanket was worth £353.36

Add that to the material cost and the total finished blanket would cost .......



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