Monday, 7 October 2013

International Diploma in Crochet - Samples 1-3 returned

Last week a parcel plopped onto my doormat - whoooooop, it's my crochet samples back that I sent away in September.  They haven't taken long at all, I expected them to be a few more days, if not weeks!

Anyway, that was where the whooping stopped because as I opened the pack and started reading the accompanying letter, I soon realised that it's wasn't great news.

Out of the three samples I had 2 to re-submit and one 'good'.  In other words, one passed and two failed.

Must try harder  :)


  1. so did they tell you what was wrong with the two "wrong'uns"? They look fine to me ...

  2. Yeah, you get a report on what to change to make it all good :)

  3. :-( mine are going to be all fails then :-(

    I sent 6 off, ah well... practice is good for us!

  4. I only sent 3 just in case, one of my faults was not reading the manual, I just ploughed right in and did it the way I thought I should do it.

  5. As long as you know what the problem was, and how it can be fixed.
    Do they insist on particular ways of doing things as well as the results?

  6. They are definitely looking for perfection!
    They look great to my naïve eyes, and they made me go wow the first time I saw them! x

  7. They do Sandie, yes. It was technique issues more than anything, wrong hook size etc..


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