Saturday, 19 October 2013

Innocent Smoothie Hats

Innocent Smoothies have a campaign going at the moment, called The Big Knit.

It is basically where people knit or crochet little hats that will fit on top of their Innocent Smoothie bottles and send them in to them.

There are some free patterns on their website if you fancy having a wee go.  Each hat took me about 20 minutes to make and hardly any yarn at all.

When the bottles are sold, each one with a hat will raise 25p towards Age UK.

So, as I had to do a knitting demo in Hobbycraft this week (one hour each day) I thought, why not use the time to do something good.  So Hobbycraft have paid for the time for these little hats to be made - wasn't that nice of them?  :)

The first one is crocheted, the second two are knitted.

In total, 9 little hats will be making their way to this great campaign, I am guessing they won't be lonely judging by this photo.....

That's a lot of little hats!

Are you joining in?


  1. yep ... I'll make some too :)

  2. Cool, can't wait to see them :)

  3. What cute little hats! Thanks so much for your comment on my fall photos! And thanks for visiting! :0)


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