Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Know Your Neighbours

Tonight I attended a Know Your Neighbours  networking event for local businesses around North Carlisle (and beyond) at the local Premier Inn.

I have been once before, but this time I managed to talk myself into giving "the talk" at the beginning of the evening.

I was representing Hobbycraft and wanted to chat about our Outreach program.  Basically Outreach is about involving the community and dragging them kicking and screaming into the wonderful, messy world of crafting  :)

First of all then, I should explain something, I have a form of Dyscalculia - big word huh?  It simple means I don't do numbers very well.  Money is a pain in the bum when it comes to counting it out, and phone numbers are a completed nightmare - 9 times out of 10, if I have to dial (or press) I call some random person. Once I have memorised a number I can remember it for years, but a lot of digits I get mixed up.  8's & 9's and 4's & 5's are particularly bad.  I am often late (unless it's work then I have to leave the house at a very strict time) and I can never tell my lefts from my rights.

This was maybe the reason that I put the "Know Your Neighbours" event in my iPad diary for 17.00 hours and read it as 7.00pm.  At 5.00pm I had a crochet class in Hobbycraft.  At 4.00pm I had an alarm alert from my iPad to tell me I had a meeting at 5.00pm   WHATTTTT????  Honestly, my heart sank, my stomach rose and my brain went into headless chicken mode.

I ran around the house, with one shoe on, dashed to the loo, phoned my colleague who I had told to meet me at 6.55pm (sorry Shelley for subjecting you to the sound of my tinkling whilst screaming down the phone at you) and flew out of the house like my bum was on fire.

Straight into Hobbycraft to phone all the people who were coming to the crochet class  (second, third, forth and fifth apology of the day - luckily they are all very understanding, lovely people) chucked all the stuff in the car, and set off.

Ten minutes later, at the event,  I am calm, collected and really do look as though I am 100% in control.

I did my little chat, while Shelley Decopatched a Christmas Tree as a demo, and breathed a sigh of relief.

Another disaster avoided, by the skin of my teeth and a lot of luck on my side.

If you fancy Knowing Your Neighbour, the next event is at the Premier Inn on Junction 44 of the M6, on Wednesday 6th November at 5.00pm.   Hope to see you there, although I might be a bit late.......


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