Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Donkey Poo.

If you blog, do you check your blog stats?  On Blogger there is a little link you can click that will show you what keywords people put into search engines that then leads to them clicking on your blog.

I often have a little-look-see, our of curiosity.  But you can imagine my surprise when last time I did it it came up with this....


First of all, who Googles 'Donkey Poo'?  And why?  And more to the point, why did it lead to my blog?

Well, a little search soon figured that one out.

I was experimenting with Okra, and I quote....

I added a blob of peanut butter (no idea what inspired me to do that) the peanuts burnt and the smell coming from the pan smelled like donkey poo. I turned the pan off quickly and piled it onto a plateDonkey poo or not, I was still gonna eat it.

But back to Donkey Poo. I have just Googled it myself - yeah, I know, strange.  Anyway, it's a cake!

"Looks like Poo, tastes like Heaven"...... apparently.

Go check it out, and if you buy a packet, let me know what it's like  :)

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