Sunday, 22 December 2013

Aruba Scarf #2

Do you recall at the end of November I did a lovely scarf for a display at Hobbycraft in Carlisle?

You can find it HERE if you want to go see.

Well, someone only went and STOLE IT!  Yep, really, they stole a sample scarf from the store.  

I was most upset as I tend to take ownership of these pieces, as my time and effort has gone into making them, but I hope they enjoy it anyway, if the guilt doesn't take away that moment of enjoyment.

Anyway...... so another was needed, quick smart.

This time I took this pink, blue and white colourway.  The yarn is Sirdar Aruba which is bobbly, frilly and full of texture.

It really is a nice effect and you can get a scarf made in an evening, so it works up really quickly.

I took it into work and fixed a security tag to it  :)  Hopefully it will deter any wannabe scarf rustlers and stay on display for a while  :)

Here is the other colourway for you to look at again, as you can no longer go into store to stroke it  ;)


  1. ... boy do I love the colours :) (bet you know why) Lets hope no low-life steals this one!

  2. I suppose it's a kind of compliment that someone liked it that much....
    Horrible, though.

    Lovely new version.

  3. I bet you spirited that other one away just so you could have a legitimate play with a new colour. Tanxx


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