Thursday, 5 December 2013

Crochet Unicorn Hat

When I saw this gorgeous Unicorn hat pop up on my newsfeed from Repeat Crafter Me, I just KNEW a certain someone would like it.  And sure enough, when I showed her the photo, she did a little hop on the spot, battered her eyelashes and that was that.

So we got to work.  Using Hayfields Bonus Chunky yarn in white, I started this at a very slow craft fair I was attending.   Make best use of the time, I thought to myself.

It was good to have the recipient with  me as I worked so I could check it was going to fit ok.

Then the horn, Marie didn't want the brown coloured horn as in the pattern, so we chose Sirdar Ella, a sparkly silver yarn instead.  Unicorns need to have a sparkly horn don't you think?

Then it was ear time, I made two, lost one, made another, found the lost one = three ears.

I only used two though  :)  (No rude comments at this stage please)

Now for the brightly coloured mane.

(still no rude comments please)

I decided at this stage that I had not cut the strands long enough, so went back and added another round.

Ta dah!

One Unicorn hat - and yes, she does wear it in public  :)

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