Thursday, 12 December 2013

Super Chunky Wristwarmer Pattern

I was sent some Super Chunky yarn to try by DMC  (Thank you :) ) so made some thick and cosy wristwarmers with it.

Here is the pattern if you fancy having a pair yourself.

You will need 100g of super chunky weight yarn and a 10mm crochet hook.

Make a foundation chain of 12 stitches and SS (slip stitch) to join into a ring, taking care not to twist.

Using HTR stitches (Half Treble (HTR) is where you start to do a Treble stitch, put your hook through your work, pull yarn through leaving three loops on your hook, then wind your yarn over your hook and pull through all three stitches at once. ) work in rounds, SS to join after each round and changing colour after two rounds.

Rather than cutting off the yarn on each colour change, I put the ball through the last loop and pull it tight.  I personally prefer this to bringing the new colour through into the last stitch as I find it gives me a neater finish.

I don't cut the yarn then, I just run it up the back until I need it again.
Work a total of 4 rows, then on the 5th row, work 11 stitches and TURN.

Row 6, work 11 stitches and TURN.

You are now going back to working rounds, and at the end of row 7 where there is no stitches to work due to the hole for the thumb, CHAIN 1 and SS to join.

Work another 6 rounds and finish off.  Sew in your ends.

I worked around the thumb-holes in DC - a total of 12 stitches, evenly spaced.  You can omit this part if you like, I just found it finished them off nicely.

These would also be good with a pair of thin gloves underneath them to give extra warmth and to keep those digits cosy.


  1. I am going to have a go at these, I am learning to crochet, I think these wrist warmers would be great for driving.
    Thank you

  2. Great! Send me a photo when you are done, enjoy making them :)


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