Sunday, 29 December 2013

Facecloths & Soaps

Do you remember these cute little packets that I showed you just before Christmas?  Well now it is time for you to peep inside.  :)

Crochet Facecloths in  beautiful natural 100% cotton.  I did a lovely textured stitch - alternative DC and TR then when working back I TR into the DC and DC into the TR.  I then edged them in a row (or two) of DC.

Then I added a bar of my home-made soap. It was lucky dip to who got what fragrance.  There was Poppy Seed and Lemon, Musk & Walnut Shell, Lime, Rose Petal or Lavender.

Rolled it up...

Tied it with a lovely ribbon.

And wrapped it  :)

As I am putting a facecloth in the Birthday Blog Box, I better add a bar of home-made soap in there too - don't you think?  :)


  1. What lovely pressies!
    Is soap-making difficult? Do you have to be very careful with the caustic soda?

  2. I cheated a bit Sandie and bought a ready prepared soap, that you melt like chocolate and add your own bits and fragrances to it.

  3. These are fab Sooz, lucky recipients as well. What a lovely gift to receive.
    Tan xx


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