Saturday, 21 December 2013

The Eden Workshop

Yesterday I had a meeting with the lovely Jane from The Eden Workshop.

Situated on farm land at Plumpton  (only 5 miles or so off the M6 / J40) it is a beautiful space, refurbished for cooking classes and craft workshops.   Isn't PLUMPTON a great name,  plump, plump. plump - such a lovely word (and now it sounds funny coz I have said it too much!!)

I am hoping to start teaching some classes there in the new year - beadweaving, beaded jewellery making, crochet etc.... so watch this space.

In the meantime have a look at the website -

..... and keep an eye on my WORKSHOPS tab (you can find it on the links bar at the top of the blog) as dates should be announced very soon  :)

I am going to take a class there myself in the new year, just check out these fabulous bags!

You can find more of them on the Facebook page Hole House.

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  1. just working on a messenger bag ... love the one in the picture ... must have a serious think about a course !!!


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