Wednesday, 11 December 2013

DMC Ottawa & Fannie Wristwarmers - Review

Another DMC review from the big bag of mixed yarn they sent me to play with.  This time I am reviewing Nordic Spirit - Ottawa and New Romance - Fannie.

Yeah..... Fannie.   That's some name huh?  I know it means different things in the US and other places, but here in the UK is it a slang word for your......fu-fu / privates / tuppence / fairy / vag / do-dah / lady garden / *** insert your own special name here*** / .........

In fact, there was much hilarity when my daughter asked what I was doing and I replied "Hooking some Fannie!"

And onto the review.

First the Nordic Spirit - Ottawa. It is a super chunky weight yarn in 30% wool and 70% microfibre.  It is available in 8 colours and I got send this lovely mustard shade.   It is thick and soft and snuggly. Perfect, I thought, for some chunky wristwarmers.

But one 50g ball would not be enough, so I needed something to go with it.  Another super chunky in the bah was the New Romance - Fannie (chortle), which is a 20% wool, 80% microfibre mix.  It feels more or less the same as the Ottawa.....well, some of it does.

When I was looking at the yarn I thought it was a damaged ball as some bits of it were fluffy and looked unspun, after Googling it though I realised that it was supposed to be like this and it alternated between smooth and fluffy with those DREADED KNOTS that I mentioned when reviewing the DMC Urban Glam yarn. 

Small knots with yarn cut close are not good, especially those that come away with a small tug.  The last thing you want when working is for it to come apart half way through.  Grrrrr.   If it needs to be knotted, a little yarn at each end for sewing in and securing would be most appreciated.

It does come in some nice shades though  :)

Ok, so I got to work and made some wristwarmers.

Both were nice to work with - but I did take apart the Fannie and only used the smoother part for the main body of the gloves, and the fluffy part for edging the thumbs.

Will write up a pattern soon in case anyone fancies making a pair.

A few questions to myself then.
Did you like it?  I liked the Ottawa above the Fannie - but only because I really dislike (badly) knotted yarn, but both were soft and rather lovely - and when made up it feels really nice and chunky.

Would you buy it?  Probably not, unless someone asked specifically for a pair of these gloves.  Super Chunky is just a bit too thick for my liking and I can't find enough to do with it.

Any bad points? Knots in the Fannie  (really, REALLY, unsure how I can put that any more politely!!! - sorry)

Disclaimer:  I was sent this yarn (and others) by DMC to review, the points I make are wholly my own and I am not required or asked to give a good review, just an honest one.

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