Monday, 9 December 2013

Ring a Ring o' Roses

A pocket full of posies,
A-tishoo!, A-tishoo!
We all fall down  :)

I started this wreath in a crochet class in Hobbycraft a few weeks ago, and it was chucked on my WIP (Work In Progress) pile.  I picked it up a few nights ago D.E.T.E.R.M.I.N.E.D to get it finished.

I found this cute rose pattern HERE at Planet June, and made a few in various candy colours.  I had already covered the wreath ring in a band of Double Crochet (UK terms).  You literally just make a strip that fits snugly around and snugly the length, and sew it into place - no shaping necessary.

Now for some leaves.  I just did these out of my head by doing this...

9CH, DC into 2nd CH from hook, then into each chain along do HTR / TR / DTR / TR / HTR / DC
Into the last chain do 1 DC and turn, but you will be working up the CHAIN not up the row you have just done - think of the chain as the spine of the leaf.  Work DC / HTR / TR / DTR / TR / HTR / DC and finish with a SS. Cut off yarn and sew to work.

It is only about 7" wide and quite cute, even if I do say so myself  :)

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