Friday, 6 December 2013

Bollywood Night at Rafiks Restaurant

You may remember me telling you a while back about the Bollywood Nights I go to once a month.

It is held at a local restaurant in Carlisle, called Rafiks, and for £12 you get a wonderful meal  (dishes of food are put in the centre of the table and you just grab yourself a spoon of whatever takes your fancy) and a Bollywood movie downstairs in their cinema - which has squashy sofas and an interval for ice-cream, should you be able to fit any in after such a huge meal.

This month, as it is the last of the year, we went the whole hog and dressed up Bollywood style too with the most beautiful saris.

I don't often show photos of myself, as you may well have worked out, but this is me (in the red) with my daughter Shona and buddy Lezley.

We had borrowed the saris of another friend and neighbour, Thomina - we could hardly choose, she had some many delightful ones, the materials were just divine.  Manny, from the restaurant, had enough to dress the others.  We were in a rainbow of colours.

Fiona, Shona, Lezley and Fiona.  The first Fiona is in a Salwar - a Pakistani outfit.

Fiona and Nair, rocking their sari look.

Then we talked Marie into giving us all a little Henna design.

Shona and Marie, don't they make a lovely couple?

I did mean to take photos of the food BEFORE we ate it, but I was too busy with my snout in the trough to remember.

The film we watched was 3 Idiots - blimey did we laugh!  It was so very funny. The plus point being it starred my favourite Bollywood actor Aamir Khan - yummy eye candy  :)

That's it now until next year, but looking forward to it already  :)


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