Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Dancing Hearts Shawl

I follow a crochet designers blog by the name of A Creative Being and on one of her posts she asked for comments on what colours you would use to make this beautiful shawl.  I put shades of grey, and won a free copy of the shawl.  I was a little bit chuffed I can tell you.  You can find it HERE if you would like to buy it for yourself.

So, I really did mean to do it in shades of grey, but hadn't realised what a nightmare that would be finding the yarn.  Now, of course, I could mix yarn types but really I wanted it to be all the same make.  I could order some online, but being an impatient soul, I wanted to get started sooner rather than later.

I popped up to Hobbycraft and got the Sirdar Ella range in Grey, Pink and Cream.  It;s a pretty DK yarn with a strand of glitter running through it.  Perfect.

I made a start, although this one below had to be unpicked as there are too many 'petals' in it.  (must learn to count!)

Start again, a cute pile of grey and pinkness - such an 80's colourtheme.  I had grey and pink striped curtains in my bedroom way back then - the material was horrible if I remember correctly.

But it has made a comeback and it does work well together.

Just to put it all together now  :)

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