Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Courgette fritters recipe

I love free food, I love free food more than I love any other food, coz it's FREE!

So when my Auntie gave me this 'courgette'  (some may call it a marrow)  I knew I had a few days of courgette eating ahead of me.

As well as free food, I love fritters.  Ahh come on, who doesn't love a fritter?  Whether it be a Spam fritter like you had in school, or a pakora from your favourite Indian restaurant, fritters are good 'womb' food (warm, comforting and yummy).

Fritters would therefore be one of my dishes to use up this monster courgette.

I cut off the skin, scooped out the seeds and grated the flesh with my Tefal Fresh Express machine.

I then patted the courgette with a clean tea-towel to remove as much moisture as I could.

 (Question:  Why do recipes tell you to use a CLEAN tea-towel?   Would anyone ever think to use one that they had just washed up with?  Or cleaned the worktops with?  Just interested)

Into a bowl I shook a bit of plain flour - no idea of measurements, just a few tablespoons worth, and added some salt and ground black pepper.

Then mixed it to a thick paste with some fizzy water from the fridge.   Fizzy water seems to give a lighter batter due to the bubbles in it.

When that is done chuck in whatever you wish.  In this fritter I popped in some chopped black olives and some chopped sun-dried tomatoes along with the grated courgette.
any veg works as long as it is either pre-cooked  (leftovers) or grated thinly.

Give it a good mix, then heat up some oil in a frying pan and blob the mixture into the pan pressing down with the back of a lifter to flatten slightly.

Be patient and let the underside cook before flipping over, otherwise it will all fall apart.

Serve.  (my Auntie also gave me some fresh corn on the cobs too, so it was a very free dinner   :)

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