Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Crochet Crazy Chick

This is the new design I was working on last week.

I have a list of stuff I want to create for my kits, but this was not on them at all,  NO IDEA where she came from, she just popped herself right into my head and wouldn't go away.

So, grab it and run, I thought, and the "Crazy Chick" range was born.  I am sure more will be added in time, but for now, meet....


She is designed to sit on the edge of a shelf, or bookcase, swinging her legs casually (whilst she silently whistles a happy tune - but you can't hear that as you are human).

You can buy her in kit form HERE, or if you fancy just the pattern then you can buy that HERE.


  1. She is very funny,how about a male owl called Jackson!!


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