Monday, 6 October 2014

Owl Patchwork Project

I blogged about these beautiful fat quarters way back in June, having bought them for a specific reason.

Only months later I am finally getting around to working with them.

There are 6 owl colours and 6 stripe colours.  Each panel I am making consist of 3 owls and 3 stripes, so the plan right now is to make a piece with 6 panels in, each coloured material will have it's turn at each shape - does that make sense?

This is panel one, using pinks, whites and golds.

Then I add panel two, using navy, lemon and aquas.

Panel three added.

And panel four....

But right now other things have taken over and this project has to take a back seat unfortunately  :(   but I will be back on it real soon.  A laborious commission I am working on is nearly finished thankfully, which will free up some time.

In the meantime, I bought some more fabric for a second one  :)    Haha, I am just too naughty for words!

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