Friday, 24 October 2014

Kid's Club - Week 1

This week I started my Halloween themed Kid's Club for half-term up at Hobbycraft, Carlisle.

After doing a Kid's Club in the summer, I thought I would trial a half-term one to see how it went.
 Feedback I got from the summer one was that I was missing out the Scottish school goers who start back at school at different times, and as we live right on the border  (just 6 miles from Scotland in fact) I realised it was better to offer them to everyone.

So....... I set up two weeks of activities, made all my samples, turned up every day  (as it was a 'drop-in' class) and sat and waited.

Day one, no one turned up, but on day two I had the most charming little girl called Isla, who came along with her Nana to make a felt shape.

Isn't it just marvellous?  And, believe it or not, she didn't have much help at all.  A very clever young lady as she is only four years old!

As I had my kit from the previous day in the car and it was a quiet session, I offered that up as an activity too, so Isla made herself a most colourful bat keyring from Shrink Plastic.

Sadly, Isla was the only person to come along and do some crafts with me the whole week.

Here's hoping next week will be busier.  If you know anyone that might be interested, please feel free to share this blog post.  :)


  1. So sad! What a shame that more people didn't come - those activities would delight many a child. Isla is clearly destined to be a crafter.

  2. It is sad, hopefully we will see an improvement next week.
    Isla was a joy, such a lovely little girl and so clever.


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