Thursday, 9 October 2014

Learning Peyote Stitch - a free tutorial

Peyote stitch is lovely to do, and so so addictive.  By learning this stitch you could go on to make some gorgeous items, such as:

You can get 'odd count' or 'even count' Peyote stitch patterns. Even count is easier as you just work from side to side, whereas odd count you have to weave your thread through every other end to get to your beginning bead again.  This is a tutorial for EVEN COUNT, which means you begin with an even amount of beads. So, let's begin......

1. Thread a needle with a meter of Beading Thread.
2. Anchor a seed bead onto the end of your thread by sewing through it three or four times. (You will cut this off later, it will not get used within the beadwork)

3. String on an even number of seed Beads.

4. Leaving an approx 15cm tail between your anchor bead and your work, add another seed bead to your needle and missing the last bead on your thread sew BACK  through the second last one.

5. Pick up another seed bead and again miss a bead and sew through the next one.

6. Repeat Step 5, to the end of the row. This will form a row of ‘turrets’.

 7. Turn your work around and work back in the same way, picking up a bead and sewing into each ‘turret’ to the end.

To add a new thread....
You will no doubt need to add thread throughout your work, is it better working with a shorter length of thread than getting in knots with long lengths.
Do finish a thread off, simply weave through a few beads (diagonally, take care always to go through a bead and not over it or your thread will show), then picking up the thread inbetween two beads do a half-hitch knot (before pulling the thread all the way through, put your needle through the loop and pull tight).  Weave through a few more beads before trimming off.
Add a new thread in the same way, but weave it through until you come back to the point that you need to start at.

8.  Repeat these rows until your work measures your required length.

To follow a pattern....
A peyote stitch pattern will come to you as a chart and will look something like this.
You need to start the same as this tutorial, but in Step 3, you will thread onto your beading thread the beads as shown in the first TWO ROWS of the pattern.  For example, in this particular pattern the first two rows are marked with the letter "A" and are black.
The next row in this particular pattern will now be Row 3, which is marked with a B and is a white bead.

It might be useful for you to photocopy your pattern and mark off the rows as you work.  Photocopying it will mean you do not destroy the original and you have it to work on again.

So there you go, have a play and see what you come up with.

If you would like to download this pattern in PDF format, you can find a version HERE.


  1. Hi Sooz I have always wanted to try Peyote stitch and I have a project which it will suit admirably. Is it possible to get the Tartan pattern from you?

    1. I do have it somewhere.... drop me an email on and I will find it and send it to you :)


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