Monday, 4 May 2015

Aparthotel Studio 17 - Portimao, Portugal

Very, very late in Monday night - in fact 1.30am Tuesday morning, we were dropped off at our apartment for our holiday in Portimao, Portugal.  It was a nice flight, an easy transition through the airport, then a longish transfer to the hotel  (Faro to Portimao). 

On arrival, the transfer driver dropped us off and drove away. We approached the door of the hotel to find a note about late check ins needing to phone another hotel for details on how to gain entry.
This was slightly worrying as I had no battery on my phone & Hubster has very little credit as he doesn't need it in the UK.

Luckily he had just enough to make the call. 

There were 6 little pods on the wall & we had to put a code into one of them. It didn't work, neither did another, we were tired and getting frustrated. Luckily the third pod opened and in it we found a key.

What a pleasant surprise when we got up to the 7th floor & opened our room - a lovely spacious apartment with separate bedroom & all mod cons in the kitchen.

And something to wash your feet in too!!!

The view at that time of night/morning was just bright lights.

But in the morning it was bright, sunny & gorgeous.

The view from our balcony was lovely, you could see for miles, but sadly no sea as we were too far away.  It was as far as you can see, then down a bit  ;)

But there was a swimming pool, I was so tempted to plop things in from the 7th floor & splash the sunbathers, who were there from morning till night - cooking themselves to look like brown sausages.

The reception area had a picture of a London bus!  Weird.   But I really did like the dandelion style lamp..... if I could have got it in my suitcase.... ;)

We had read on Trip Advisor about a Gypsy camp opposite the appartment block, it wasn't a problem at all, except for the cockerel, who seemed to like to 'Cockadoodledoo' all day long!

It was more of a settlement than a camp, and it was fun watching the kids play and the chickens chase the dogs. But that cockerel, what a pain in the bum it became.

Still, we paid about £325 for a 5 day holiday in the apartment, including flights, transfers (£40), baggage (£120) and travel insurance (£35) for two of us.

As it happens we could have ditched the baggage as RyanAir allow TWO cabin sized hand luggage bags free of charge. We didn't know this so booked ourselves a 15k bag each at £30 each, each way. 

But, Hubster packed one pair of trousers & 4 t-shirts and still managed to go over his 15k allowance due to all the gadgets he carries everywhere!!  And they say women are bad :/

More tales from Portugal to follow  ;)

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