Friday, 1 May 2015

The Devil's Porridge Museum

You may remember a few weeks ago, Easter Weekend in fact, I was at the Devil's Porridge Museum doing Easter Crafts.

I thought I might take some time to tell you a little more about the museum, in case you fancy a visit sometime.

Situated on the main Gretna to Annan road (B721) at a little township called Eastriggs, it is very easy to find and there is ample parking behind the museum.

The M6 Motorway changes from the M6 to the A74(M) between Carlisle and Gretna, then you head off down the A75 towards Eastriggs  (it's well signposted)

The museum has recently relocated and is now in this beautifully modern, arty type building. Not the type of building you might expect to see WW2 exhibits in, but it seems to work  :)

So, what IS Devil's porridge, do I hear you ask?  During wartime there was munitions factories at Gretna and Eastriggs, as this museum tells you all about what went on in these factories.  With photographs, exhibits, letters from people that worked there.  You can find out what it would have been like to have been part of the war effort, and read about the evacuees that were brought into the area from the big cities.

You can have tea and scones, or some home-made soup in the little café area too.

The museum is also interactive so the children will love trying on clothing from the war-time days, including a gas mask!  There are often events on too, so check out their website.

Look at the old sewing machine... and the rag rug..... and the crochet blanket..... everything we seems to be doing again now.

It costs just £5.00 per adult to get into the museum, or for £12.50 you can have two adults and three children.  So it's a bargain for a half-day out, or a nice break if you are travelling up the country.

You can find loads more information on the website.....

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