Sunday, 24 May 2015

Crochet Along - Afghan Blanket - Square 6

If you would like to know what this Crochet Along is about, then please click on INTRO to read all about it  :)

Welcome to Square 6.

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I am using Hayfield Bonus Aran yarn with a 4.5mm hook.  Gauge is not important, although all of the squares do need to be the same size.    Check they are square by folding your work into a triangle and seeing if the edges meet.  The pattern is written in UK crochet terms.

  • Chain 23, not too tight.

  • Now you are going to work into the 3rd chain from your hook  (do not count the loop on your hook as a chain, work where the scissor point shows)

  • Work a Treble into this stitch  (Yarn round hook, through the stitch, pull yarn back through  (3 loops on hook) yarn around, pull through two stitches (2 loops on hook) yarn around, pull through 2 stitches  (1 loop on hook)

  • Now work into the next stitch as shown by the scissor point and work a DC into this stitch (Put hook through the stitch, pull yarn back through  (2 loops on hook) yarn around hook, pull through two stitches  (1 loop on hook)

  • ***In the next stitch work a TR, and in the next a DC - continue from *** right across the chain, you will end on a TR in the last stitch.

  • CH 2 and turn.  (This CH2 counts as a DC)
  • Now working into the 1st stitch, where the scissor point shows...

  • Work a TR.  Into the next stitch you need to work a DC..... into the next a TR... and the next a DC..... and so on, alternating TR's and DC's.

  • Every row will end with a TR and every row will start with a CH2 followed by a TR.

Take a look at your stitches, you will see that from the row below each alternate one (the previous TR's) sits slightly higher than the DC's.  For this pattern you will be working TR's into the previous row's DC's and DC's into the previous row's TR's.   Alternating the stitches will give you a nice textured effect.  

Try to learn to recognise your stitches rather than counting, as this will make the job much easier  :)

  • Continue with the pattern until the square is square!   You can count rows if you wish (approx 20 rows), but I find this tedious and keep loosing count anyway. :)

Make another 11 of these squares - 12 in total.

This is how your week six squares will work within the final make-up.

I will be back next week with Square number 7.

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