Friday, 8 May 2015

Making Paper Snowflakes at BBC Radio Cumbria

Yesterday I was invited to go along to the studios at BBC Radio Cumbria and talk about "papercraft".

Now, as you may already know, papercraft is so not my thing, my mantra is "I don't do papercraft", so this was a little out of my comfort zone.

However..... I can make paper snowflakes, and they are papercraft, right?

So paper snowflakes it would be.

Armed with a large black mountboard from Hobbycraft....

........  and some gorgeous papers from a scrap pack that only costs TWO shiny pounds, also from Hobbycraft I got to work the evening before, preparing some snowflakes for display.

Folding and cutting, chopping and turning.... I am almost scared to admit that I was actually enjoying this.... (NO!, I don't DO papercraft)

The next day, with a few colourful paper snowflakes glued to the board I set off.  It was windy and I had to walk across this bridge......

With an A1 mountboard that was basically a sail, what a job it was to stay in one place, I must have looked a right character staggering about all over the place while the board made that 'wobble board' noise attracting even more attention.

But I got there. Blew my nose hard, for a have a nasty cold and I really didn't want to sneeze on live radio, and got to work being interviewed while chopping up bits of paper.

Kevin Fernihough, (aka Fern), made a practise snowflake and then a really pretty one out of gorgeous Indian paper (also available from HC but only in stores) which I stuck right in the middle of the display board.

If you want to listen to the interview, you can find it on the link below. There are three separate segments, the first one at around 50:00, then again at 01:12:00 and the final part at 01:25:00.  Please excuse my sniffles.


And if you want to make your own paper snowflake, you can find the video tutorial of me making one below, filmed by BBC Radio Cumbria.

Hope you have fun  :)


  1. Well done on conquering your antipathy. You've become a radio regular - they should give you a programme of your own!

    1. Oh I don't think I have conquered it yet Sandie, I still hate papercraft :)


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