Friday, 29 January 2021

A little knitted throw.

Working out a scale:

My mini shed measures two foot square. I reckon an average room is about 12 foot square – and that makes it incredibly easy for me to work out a scale for all the mini things I need to go in my shed.

So if a room is 12 foot and my shed is two foot, that gives me a 1:6 scale.


I shall test that theory and knit a small blanket for the mini shed. I grabbed this 4ply sock yarn as it knits up into some nice shades without changing the yarn, and some 2.5mm knitting needles.

So, a regular knee throw blanket is around 120cm square.

I had to knit a small square so I could measure how many stitches and rows I would need for my mini blanket.

This little piece was 3cm square. It has 10 stitches across and I had worked 18 rows in Garter Stitch.

I chose Garter Stitch because the finished piece had no front or back, it looks the same on both sides.

I calculated that using my 1:6 scale, to get the correct scale for a 120cm blanket I would need 20cm.


120 divided by 6 = 20.


20 divided by 3 (the size of my sample) = 6.66 = let’s round it up to 7.

7 x 10 stitches = 70 stitches for the width.

7 x 18 rows = 126 rows for the height.


I got to work…..

Knitting small is actually harden than knitting regular or chunky. The points of the needles hurt your fingers and you have to grip tighter.. plus it’s much harder to catch a fallen stitch if you need to.

It took about 6 hours to make would you believe!  SIX HOURS for a small mini blanket fit for a Barbie doll…if anyone wants to commission one do let me know.  😊

Would you like to learn how to knit?

I do some beginners Youtube videos if you fancy having a go, please find the links below.

How to Cast On with two needles.

How to Cast On Thumb method.

How to Knit and Purl.

How to Increase and Decrease.

How to Cast Off.

Have fun, and feel free to give me a shout with any questions.

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