Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Fitting a floor...

I need a floor.  So off to my shed I go for a look about to see what I can use to make a floor in my Shed.

I found a sheet of foam board which should work nicely, and a selection of sticky backed plastics – one that looked like flooring.

I measured and cut the foam board. It must be cut with a blade and some element of precision this stuff, so I sliced down it with a Stanley blade, bent it in half at the cut and then sliced the backing.  Cut quite nicely actually. 

I had to measure some corners to trim out due to the shape of the underside of the table, then I had to cut a little more off the corners so I could get the board in past the table legs.  

Next, I covered it with the sticky backed plastic.  The one I wanted to use wasn’t quite big enough, so I painstakingly patched the last couple of rows in, inch by inch.  I don’t think you can tell too much unless I point out where the patched part is.

And yep, I was happy with that. It actually looks like a floor and doesn’t really add any weight to the shed as foam board is so light.

It took about an hour to make and all the materials were from stash.

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