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My head is in The Shed..


30th November 2020


I have started making plans on my final artefact. I am glad we have a bit of time to get this done as my plans have just snowballed.


Keith (our tutor) mentioned something briefly, after giving me feedback on my presentation, about using a ‘real shed’ in my exhibition piece.  I think this was just a throwaway comment but it got me to thinking that actually, I could use a Shed, a mini one.


My own business name is ‘Sooz in The Shed’, my business before was called ‘The Bead Shed’ so I feel that to keep The Shed concept and grow it could be interesting.  I also covered in my Presentation a small snippet of information regarding the Men’s Shed movement, to try and get men to congregate and fight against isolation.

There is also a phrase that I have heard used quite often that is “My head is a shed”, this is British slang for ‘I am confused, stressed, mentally disoriented, etc.’


So, I thought, I could get a small shed and fill it full of every craft I can think of – to give people ideas and inspiration of what they can do themselves to enable them to join in with mindful crafts. If they can admire or pick up a piece, they might feel inspired to give it a go.

Along side The Shed I will produce a document which shows what each craft is called and a very short description. People can take a copy away so they can research the craft they might fancy some more.


The plan.

  • ·       To design and build a mini shed – about 2’ cubed with a removable roof. To sit on a piece of wood for a garden.
  • ·       Hinged Door with sign to let people know what is happening within The Shed.
  • ·       Stained Glass Windows. (copper foiled stained glass technique)
  • ·       2 Beanbags  (Machine Sewing)
  • ·       Wooden bench with faux leather upholstery (upholstery)
  • ·       Table with Decoupaged top (decoupage)
  • ·       Crochet and knitted blankets (yarn crafts)
  • ·       Carpet for the floor (rag rug)
  • ·       Embroidered cushions (embroidery)
  • ·       Mini artist easel (abstract art)
  • ·       Wall decorations (cross stitch and quilted panel)
  • ·       Clock (Polymer Clay and a watch face)
  • ·       Bunting (upcycled fabric)
  • ·       Fake grass on the garden part, with a little pond for reflection (recycled fused glass or resin)
  • ·       Toadstool ring (Polymer Clay)
  • ·       Deck chairs (lolly sticks and fabric)
  • ·       Flower garlands  (beadweaving)
  • ·       Mini Cake on table (Polymer Clay)

 So, let's do this!! 

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