Saturday, 30 January 2021

My day in photos.


A little challenge set by one of our university tutors this week was to use photographs to depict our day.

I decided to try and take one each hour to give a snapshot of what I get up to on a daily basis.

I have done this a few times in the past over on my Instagram, but it was fun doing it again.

At 9.30am I was up, dressed, hair brushed (unusual as it sounds to those who know me) and logged onto the computer for my online class lesson.

First drink of the day is peppermint tea. I also had a slice of marmite on toast and fiddled about with a miniature armchair as the class went on  :)

10.30am - still in class, although I have switched from tea to strong black coffee. I don't do sitting still for long very well so I need something to keep me alert.

By 11.30pm I was in the supermarket doing some essential shopping for both our house and my parents.
My Mum asked me to buy her salmon, and I found this!  I couldn't believe that you could buy a salmon head and tail - why would anyone want that?  So I asked on Facebook, and yes, people buy this.  Apparently in Asia they have 'fish head curry'.  No offence... but yuk!

At 12.30pm I wandered down to my friends little catering business, where he is doing 'ready meals' to finish cooking at home.  This week he did a Sweet Potato Vegan curry with some Indian hash potatoes. So I supported his little business and bought myself a lovely tea!

Back home at 1.30pm and time for a quick lunch.  Bagel with marmite and peanut butter - nothing nicer!

At 2.30pm I got to work making a vegan naan bread to go with the curry for tea.  No recipe, as usual, I just chuck it all in a bowl and hope for the best - always seems to work out ok.

At 3.30pm I was back working on my little armchair project, with the help of a very sharp blade and a big tub of glue.  This mini armchair is to go into my mini craft shed.

At 4.30pm, while waiting on the glue to dry on my mini armchair, I started work on fitting these little cross-stitches into frames.  I made these a couple of nights ago and they are also for my mini shed project.

I know, I know! 5,30pm is a bit early to crack open the wine..... but I was cooking, and I do like a drop or two of wine whilst I am cooking.  I am rolling some fresh garlic and coriander into my naan bread.

6.30pm - its tea time!  Or 'dinner' if you are  a Southerner  (this is a constant argument in our house, but seen as we are in the North it's known as TEA!)  
The curry was delicious and the naan was pretty good too, even if I do say do myself.

8.30pm and finally time to put up the feet and relax. Just about to start on a new crochet project with this gorgeous yarn from Scheepjes.  And wine, of course.

10.30pm. I am aware I have missed one, but you would have got the same photo as I didn't move.

When it gets to this time of night the dog starts pacing and the cat starts crying.  They like their routine and you certainly get to now about it!

So, that was my day.  Have a go at this yourself, it's fun.  If you do it then please send a link so I can have a nosy at what you get up to!

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