Friday, 22 January 2021

Time to put a lid on it.

 I need a roof…. I have always needed a roof, but I have been trying not to think about needing a roof because it looks like it is going to be a tricky thing to make.

Where do I start?

So…… I have a large pile of this tongue and groove stuff. When I held a bit up to the mini shed / table I realised it might work quite well, and best bit is…. It didn’t need cut!  Bonus.

I measured and worked out that seven pieces of tongue and groove all stuck together would be a perfect measurement with a small overlap, like a roof would have.  I decided to get those bits stuck together first then figure out how to do the next bit of joining them together.

So, with my new best friend, the bottle of wood glue, I stuck seven pieces together to make a long length.  

When it was dry it looked a bit bendy so I tried to straighten it up a bit and promptly snapped the thing in half!   You might be able to imagine my displeasure at that. I couldn’t even swear, I was THAT annoyed.

Then I realised that actually, I could just glue the snapped bit back onto the opposite end.  Which I did.  Disaster averted.

But that made me think… this roof was going to be quite unstable and prone to breaking, I was going to have to deal with that.   I took a length of wood and glued it to the whole length of one side of the roof part and clamped it in my workbench.  Hopefully, that would do the trick.

It worked beautifully; it gave the roof part a great solid structure. Happy days!

Once I had the two pieces of roof done, I had to work out how to put them together.  After my success with the hinges, I wondered if that might be the way to go.

Back to B&Q I went, and to my joy I found a really long hinge that measured the same as the whole length of my roof pieces.  I could hardly believe my luck. This was obviously meant to be.

I screwed the hinge into place on the first piece….then the second.  

Then I opened and closed it at least a dozen times like a giant book, proper pleased with myself that I had built something that looked like a roof!  And a stable roof at that.

My next step is to work out how to attach it to the Shed itself. I want it to be removable so people can look inside, pick up the crafts and feel inspired by them.  I feel this part may need some brainstorming though….. and maybe some more power tools.  So, I am off to raid my Dad’s garage again   😊

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