Thursday, 20 June 2013

English Vinglish

Last night I went to a "Bollywood Night".

This is held in a local restaurant, called Rafiks, and hosted by the marvelous Koish Alom.

First of all you have a sit down meal, the food is chosen for you (you can state allergies and vegetarianism of course) and out out for everyone to share.  You get chatting to new people and is generally just a really good night.

Last night we had a whole host of vegetarian starters, followed by chilli paneer, a meatball dish, chicken tikka massala and a butternut squash dish which was so moreish I could have ate it all!

After dinner it's time to wander down to the underground cinema, all decked out with comfy sofas and a large screen.  It sits about 25 people or so.

Last night we watched English Vinglish - not at much Bollywood dancing as in others I have seen, but a lovely feel good film which kept you entranced the whole 2.5 hours.

We always break in the middle for ice-cream and a drink top up.  I am not a huge lover of ice-cream, but their Cardamom & Saffron is just divine.  Sounds odd I know, but trust me, it works.

The next one is in August, on Wednesday 7th.  The ticket price is £12 (food and film - you pay extra for your drinks and ice-cream).  Maybe I'll see you there?


  1. That sounds like a wonderful night out, I wish they had something like that here in Plymouth

  2. It really is a great night. If you fancy buying yourself a Bollywood Film, this one is a good starter one. Beautiful story.

  3. Wish I were nearer - this sounds great fun!

  4. Take a trip up sometime and we can go together :)


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