Saturday, 22 June 2013

Live Below The Line - Day 5

Today was my final full day on the Live Below The Line Challenge.  (I have one main meal left from Wednesday)

Breakfast was as per usual - Marmalade on toast.  Breakfast is usually marmalade on toast anyway, it's not a  compromise, its a norm.  Tomorrow, it will still be marmalade on toast and probably still the basics marmalade and budget spread as I have loads left.  Breakfast cost me 12p.  How will I ever cope with paying £5.00 for a breakfast ever again?

Lunch was a good old bowl of soup with bread, the last portion in the pot.  It has got thicker as the days have gone on and it could have really done with a good shake of black pepper, but it filled a gap and tasted good.  Lunch cost me 27p.

Dinner was going to be baked arancini on a bed of crushed tomatoes and herbs.  I cooked and cooled some rice, then mixed it with a little curry sauce in the hope that I could get it to bind together - not a chance!

So a compromise had to be made........ Curried Fried Rice with Beans.

Ingredients used:
  • 100g cooked cooled rice (4p)
  • Curry Sauce from jar (9p)
  • Half tin of Indian Beans (25p)
  • Spread (1p)
What you do:
  • Put a portion of spread in a frying pan and heat on medium heat, be careful it doesn't burn.
  • Meanwhile mix the cold rice, beans and curry sauce together in a dish.
  • When the spread is bubbling drop in the curry mix and stir until thoroughly heated through.
  • Serve!

Dinner cost me 39p.

My food cost for the day was.....
Bread 6p
Spread 2p
Marmalade 3p
Tea 1p
2 Bread 6p
Spread 2p
Soup 18p
Tea 1p
Curried Rice & Beans 22p
Tea 0.5p
TOTAL 61.5p

I am craving variety today, I have never been hungry throughout this challenge, but I am so BORED with eating the same things, just mixed up differently. I know I am actually not eating the same thing, but everytime I look in the fridge I see the same things, even though I have tried to make things quite different in my recipe creations, it's still boring.

 I want eggs, cheese, cider, wine, SALAD, sauces, spices, herbs. 

Tomorrow I shall work out how much worth of food I have left in my stash.

I am so pleased to tell you that I am only £2.00 off my target.  That is the price of a soft drink in a pub, a sandwich & crisps at lunchtime, a bus ride to town, a newspaper & bar of chocolate.  If you haven't already and you can afford £2.00 would you be so lovely as to donate to this great cause?  I thank you.

You can find the details here...

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