Sunday, 23 June 2013

Tie-Dyed Tote Bags

I've been messing about with Dylon dyes of late, tying knots and marbles into tote bags and making pretty patterns on them.

I even ordered some fabric labels to sew on as I have decided to resurrect my idle website and put some prettyful things on it.  (Don't bother looking yet though, it's still idle  ;) - you will be the first to know when it goes live.)

Back to the bags then.

I got some plain tote bags from good old Hobbycraft.

And some Dylon hand dyes in nice funky colours.  (I do like bright colours, they make your heart sing!)

I tied the bags up in all different manners with a big pile of elastic bands.

Then dipped them in the dyes.

Then I sewed my brand new funky label on them  (at a wonky angle, just coz I can!)


I thought I might sell these at £4.00 each + postage.


  1. Clever idea :)

    A friend made some tote bags by sewing on a panel from one of those linen/cotton tray covers you often see at car boots sales or in job lots. That works well, too.

  2. Oh, now that sounds like a lovely idea.


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