Friday, 7 June 2013

Tie-Dyed Skirt

I really fancied a skirt this year, goodness knows why.  I am so NOT a skirt type person, I don't even own a skirt  (well, that's a lie, I do have one in my material stash box as I loved the material, but it's a size 10 and that is just a touch (and an extra touch) too small)

And as I am tight - actually let's think about that......tight as in I would never spend £25 on a skirt, but I will happily spend £30 on wool to make a (never-to-be-worn) cardigan.

Anyway, while pottering around Morecambe a couple of weeks ago I came across some charity shops, they have a lot of charity shops in Morecambe, and charity shop shopping is one of my favourite past-times.

I bought this KLASS skirt for the princely price of just £2.60 - bargain....but white. I don't do white, I spill too much food to ever do white, I tend to sit in things and trail things through puddles (and worse), NO, I don't DO white!  Even my underwear is grey  ;)

I know, I will tie-dye it  :)

So off to my local Hobbycraft, aka - workplace, where I bought some Dylon hand-wash dyes.

I soaked the skirt and tied it up with elastic bands.

As the daughter and her girlfriend were hanging about nosing at what I was doing, they were dragged in to help.  Shona weighed the salt, while Marie mixed the dye.

Balancing the skirt carefully across the bowl I dyed the middle section a lovely deep purple.

Then the hem a hot pink.

Finally the top of the skirt a lilac shade.

Ta dah.......

Oh.... I wore my 'new' skirt, climbed my stairs, stood on the hem and ripped 3/4 of the bottom layer off, while only just managing to grab the handrail to save myself from clattering down to the bottom in a most undignified manner!

Back to skirt school for me  ;)


  1. V clever! On the squashed photos that first appear on my laptop, this was a mini-skirt. I was quite surprised!
    I think you should model it for us :) (Once it's mended of course :) )

  2. I think not :) But it is long and flowing... and mended.

  3. Sounds like you went to the same Skirt School as me...

    I insist on wearing full length flowing skirts in the summer months, and it took me forever to develop the "lift" to avoid stair accidents...

    Nowadays I'm fine if my hands are empty, but as soon as I'm carrying something (like a small child) I forget the "lift" and end up doing the Undignified Clatter.

    But still I wear them :)

    Love the results of your dyeing session!

  4. I've trod on it twice since Sharon, and twice had to re-mend it, it's going to be a complete mish-mash of sewn up bits before long :)

  5. Never mind... it can become your "Patchwork Tie Dyed Skirt"


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