Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Wool Swap

Do you remember me telling you about our up and coming Wool Swap?  and how overly excited I was?

Have you been wondering where the post about it is?

Well, it's here!  :)

The reason I didn't post is was because it was a flop, a wash-out, a lead balloon.

Don't know why, every single person I spoke to about it seemed really interested, many many people said they would be attending, people were eyeing up the swaps before the event (which I had cunningly placed out on the shop floor to draw attention)  So many people said it was a fantastic idea.

So where were they?

It took me 4 hours to weigh and tag all the swap yarn ready. Not to mention the hours taken designing, printing and sticking up posters.  Many hours talking to people about it, explaining what it was all about, and an hour or so preparation on the day putting out cakes, biscuits, etc..

I even dragged the Hubster along to work (I wasn't actually on shift that day myself) to help out as I thought it would be madly busy.



Anyone know?  Would you have come if you had known?

Well, I did my swap, took in this.....

Got this....

Traded for this....

I'm happy  :)

And as the age old saying goes, 'If at once you don't succeed, try again', and THAT is exactly what I shall be doing  :)

But you know, if you see something that is offered somewhere and you are in two minds whether to go or not, then make the effort and go, because sometimes it is a case of "use it or loose it", there is only so many times you can try things before you just give up  :(


  1. We would have been there like a shot if it had been here. Don't those Carlisle folks know how lucky they are? Wish our Hobbycraft did stuff like that.


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