Saturday, 15 June 2013

Stardust Earrings

These sparkly little earrings were published in Beads & Beyond, November 2008.

Made from lightweight hollow beads, you get the full on look without having your earlobes dragged to the ground.

You will need:
  • 32 x 6mm Stardust metal beads 
  • 32 Headpins 
  • 2 Earring Wires 
  • 2 Extender Chains, or 16 link lengths of chain 
  • 32 Seed Beads 
What you do:
  • Take a head pin and thread on a seed bead and a Stardust Bead.
  • With Round Nose Pliers, bend the pin over into a loop close to the bead, but do not cut off. 
  • Thread the pin through the last loop on your extender chain. 
  • Holding your loop tight with your pliers, wind the pin around the bottom of the loop twice to wrap onto the top of the bead.
  • Cut off the excess wire as close as possible to the bead.
  • Tuck the wire edge in neat to the bead so you do not have any sharp ends. 
  • Repeat STEP 1-6, but this time adding the wire to the second link on the chain.
  • Continue until you have one bead added to every link in the chain. 
  • Open the hook on an Earwire and add the top link of the chain to the loop before closing securely.
  • Make a second one exactly the same way. 

© S Simmons, The Bead Shed, 2008

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