Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Talkin Tarn

Close to where I live in Carlisle, there is a little beauty spot named Talkin Tarn.

It's a place I have been visiting since my year dot.  To walk around the whole tarn only takes 30 minutes at a leisurely pace as it is just over a mile round.  And flat.

In my forth year of secondary school (what is that called now?  Year 12?)  there was a 50 mile walk challenge, we had to apply to take part and I wasn't chosen, but my friend was so I accompanied her  :)  It was 38 laps of the tarn, taking all day and into the early hours of the morning.

There was a little bit of a disaster, however, when someone filled the kettle in the first-aid caravan with petrol instead of water and it blew the caravan up!  Luckily there was no one in it, but as I was one of the ones close by having refreshments at the time, it was a mad dash to the tarn with Tupperware tubs to try and quench the flames.   This, of course, was before risk assessments and H&S checks.  We got the fire out but it didn't leave much of a caravan behind.

Anyway, many years later and I still like to visit Talkin Tarn.  My kids always enjoyed it there and now go on their own, perhaps they will take their families there too one day.
The blossom was lovely today, there was a slight breeze and it fluttered to the ground like confetti.

Dotty Dog likes it lots too, but there is blue/green algae in the water so it is not advisable to let your dogs play in it.

There is a little boathouse that gets rented out to craftspeople to sell their wares, this week it was a glass painter - I have bought some little votive glasses from her before with poppies painted on.    I have actually used the boathouse myself before but it was pouring down that day and I didn't sell a thing, however it was lovely sitting crafting in the window of the boathouse watching the rain bounce off the Tarn.

Today we took a little picnic.  crisps, Quorn sausage, cheese & crackers and a cheese spread sandwich for Dotty :)

If you would like to see some more photos of Talkin Tarn, have a look on my photography Facebook page, you can find it HERE.


  1. Looks like a lovely day out, and how nice that Dotty Dog gets her own special sarnie :)

  2. When we go walking on the fells she gets a whole packed lunch ;)


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