Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Flower Watch Tutorial

Featured in Beads & Beyond magazine, November 2008.  I have taught this piece at many a workshop and it has always been very popular.

You will need:
  • 1 x Watch Face 
  • 16 cm Wide Link Chain 
  • 60 Acrylic Flower Caps 
  • 60 x 6mm Glass Beads 
  • 60 Head Pins 
  • 1 Toggle Clasp 
  • Few seed beads
What you do:
  • Measure your watch face and cut your chain to make your bracelet up to a total length of 8” (larger or smaller if required) 
  • Cut your chain in half and add a clasp part to each piece. 
  • Onto a headpin thread a small seed bead followed by a 6mm bead and a flower cap to sit on top of the bead. 
  • Bend the pin (do not cut any wire off at this stage) and loop onto one of the links on your chain. 
  • Form the wire around into a loop enclosing the link, and wrap the wire round the head of the flower cup twice. 
  • Nip off the wire close to the cup and make sure it is tucked in neat so no sharp bits protrude. 
  • Add TWO flower pins to EACH link, fill up both lengths of chain as shown in the pic. 

  • Open the link on the watch face and add the flower chain. 

  • Repeat for the other side. 
  • You may like to add a couple of flower pins to the actual watch link too to add more fullness.

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